Butter Up Your Large Language Model Operations With AI

Butter Up Your Large Language Model

Harnessing the power of AI to bring low-code simplicity to Large Language Model Operations




Promptist —

Eliminate incorrect answers and long-winded responses

Crafting the right prompts becomes as easy as spreading butter on bread. Our tools help guide you through the prompt engineering process, ensuring your LLM responds with the desired results. {Paper} https://arxiv.org/abs/2212.09611


Metrics —

Add a buttery layer of insight to your LLM prompt performance

We churn through the complexities, delivering metrics and insights that help you spread your LLM's capabilities far and wide, all with the smooth, reliable consistency of the finest butter. Ensuring your journey in LLM is as smooth as our namesake.


Deployment —

Ensuring Butter-Smooth transitions

Effortlessly transition your prompts from dev to prod and back again. We utilize automated deployment pipelines to ensure your models move from stage to stage like a hot knife through butter.


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